My first terrier is a “trainer’s dog”. That means she came with a lot of stuff to figure out.

In a few short years Bossy taught me more about myself than nearly half a century of living, twenty-five years in business and two decades of marriage. She gave me lots of incentive. She’s lightening fast, super assertive and downright tireless.  With a strong prey drive and bite force that’s roughly three times what I could lay on a piece of raw hide, I had to learn.  There was no overpowering or wearing out this pup.

I needed to figure out her heart and mind.

Bossy is a good dog.  And I’m not such a bad human.  Together, we’re better.  It’s true: the teacher will appear when the student is ready.  Follow our story and what we’ve learned.   And meet my other pup, Bark, along the way.  We’ll all be blogging.

What do you think?

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