Understanding Terriers

I am terrier. Please understand me. Here’s my Terrier Logic:

  1. Respect yourself and respect others who respect themselves.                            Terrorize everyone else.
  2. Hunt until you drop.
  3. Love your human companion with all your heart, but…
  4. Keep the Terrier “You’re-Not-The-Boss-of-Me” Motto in mind.
  5. If it moves, get it.
  6. If it scares you, GET IT.
  7. If it scares your human companion, GET IT.
  8. Get it before it gets you.
  9. Remember that persistence usually pays off. And that…
  10. Your desires are directly proportional to your human’s. The more your human wants something, the more you should want it.
  11. Tune into every thought and feeling your human companion has.
  12. Live with passion.
  13. Bark until your (good) work is acknowledged.

Do you have Terrier Logic of your own? Please leave a comment below or click on the comment icon above. 

40 thoughts on “Understanding Terriers

  1. This is so accurate! I have a Brussels Griffon and the other thing I’ve realised is that her ‘territory’ extends as far as she can see and smell, wherever she is staying! She certainly likes to make sure everyone is aware of it too – especially that pesky postman who actually thinks it’s ok to put things INSIDE her house. How very dare he……

    • They sure try that on us, don’t they! We like to ask them to do something fun for us first (sit, paw, roll-over, get in, down, tap/target), lest they get MORE BOSSY! Thanks for your add, Spike!

    • Hi kkrpsd! No kidding. My theory is that terriers are just sensitive, sensitive beings and they turn their fear into this proactive response…get it before it gets me. What do you think?

      Thanks for adding to our growing list.

      • Sorry about that! My “boo boo” post didn’t come through…. but my “correction” post did! Whoda thunk??!!

    • 🙂 ….and yet they are really softies. They’re more bluff than anything. I just think they’re super sensitive and like a good ‘offensive’ strategy. Thanks for adding on, Paula!

    • They will not be ignored! We have a Boston terrier, and while not officially classified as a terrier, he sure exhibits all these characteristics, and especially this one!

      • Right on, Nicole. Our local Boston Terrier has the cutest little bark…like she’s calling from far-far away. Very cute. Thanks for leaving your comment. Great to connect with some many dog lovers. Every breed is special and we’re all lucky to spend time and love them. Toni

    • Hi Mungo! Thanks for posting. YES, I do like to think it is MY idea.

      We have a practice to play often but not all the time when their is zippy, enthusiastic and immediate recall after I wolf whistle. I’m sure Bossy and Bark think they have trained ME to play tug/ball when they come right away. The challenge, of course, is to help them think it was THEIR idea. I suppose it works much the same way for the human species, as well. Thanks for your fun add here!

      • You’re not kidding, Carol. Bossy has me soooo trained. When she “comes” like a flash when she’s out hunting and I want her inside, I will play with her favourite tug toy. We humans are so simple to fall for that trick. 🙂
        Thanks for posting!

  2. Terriers are awesome as a member of a great Terrier Forum I come across some of the most amazing. Terriers that take part in films, terriers that do amazing tricks, do well in almost every dog sport, terriers that have lived to be over 20 (one of our members terriers is 22) and terriers that are just stay at home cuddle bugs.

    • No kidding! We love the whispered ‘leave it’ ask in our house. At 8 Bossy has that one down. Took persistence to get there, though. Thanks for following.

  3. I don’t have a terrier, but my little Maltese exhibits many of these behaviors…he might actually have a little terrier in him!

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