May is World Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Is Lyme Disease an occupational hazard for Terriers?

Terriers might be at higher risk of getting tick bites and Lyme than other breeds. Unlike many domestic dogs, they’re out “working” in tick country.

The Lyme infection (“bug”) can get the better of the most tenacious of us. While dogs are much less likely than people to contract Lyme if they’re bitten by a tick, they can still get it.  And the infection can make them very sick.  So don’t take risks for either of you.

Be on the look out for Lyme. Inspect your dog and yourself. Learn how to remove a tick safely.  If you suspect you’ve been bitten or find a bullseye rash, see your doctor as fast as you can.  Insist on a test and treat assuming you have Lyme.  Human tests aren’t as sensitive as those for our dogs so many infections are missed and later misdiagnosed after the easy treatment window has closed. A moderately short course of antibiotics very early in the infection could save you years of debilitating disease.

If you live in a community with a high incidence of Lyme, consider having your dog vaccinated. If you don’t, test for Lyme every year when you test for heartworm. Ask your vet about the “4-way snap test”. And, of course, invest in good tick and flee protection.

Lyme is not an over-hyped risk.  This blogger’s life was nearly destroyed by it.

Learn more about Lyme here:

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