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Forever changed by the love of a dog

miller-ritchie-memorial-photoIn spite of the efforts of several doctors and veterinary technicians, “Bark” passed away just before dawn today.  I’m going to howl like he did if we ever left him “alone”…like going to the garage to fetch something from the car or getting out of the car to pump gas.

We should all be so lucky to experience such love and devotion.  I truly believe that dogs and humans co-evolved for each other. Thank you Bark (Miller) for…everything.  It is hard to imagine life without you.

I know I am not alone.  How did you commemorate the loss of your beloved dog(s)?

The Physics of Terriers

Controlling a rowdy terrier can be a little tricky.  An article I read today, Physicists Accidently Discover a Self-Destruct Button for the Entire Universe | on Big Think, made me think of containing Bossy’s (unwanted) energy.

The author, Philip Perry, wrote:

“Everything in the universe contains a certain amount of energy. Even so, everything also adheres to the principle of stability. All substances want to become stable. To do that, one must contain as little energy as it can. When something has a high energy level, it is unstable, and moves to rid itself of excess energy, in order to achieve stability.”
Terriers also want to achieve stability.  That was one of the most important universal principles I learned with a wound-up Bossy.  Don’t ADD more energy to any behaviour you don’t want from your dog.  If you want a calmer dog you’ve gotta be a calmer human.

Apparently dogs, horses and humans all live in the same universe.

The Montreal Pit Bull Charm Offensive

No, Montreal. Non, Denis Coderre! Must we fall to our fear, prejudice–and dare I say–ignorance?

Montreal Mayor, Denis Coderre, vows to push the ban on pit bulls through despite stay from judge. We all know that perception is not reality. Consider this:

I recently watched a Bondi Vet (Season 7, Episode 4 originally aired in 2015) in which Dr. Chris Brown visited Beijing.  There he was consulted by a distraught owner of a handsome, friendly mastiff who frightened all the passersby on the road. People crossed the road, ducked into their shops–anything to avoid interacting with this delightful, well-mannered dog who just scared them because of his looks.

Dr. Chris’ brilliant solution was to change the skin of the dog and costume him up in a kids’ panda suit.  A few cute ears and a black and white wrap on his body was enough to soften his look long enough for people to see and meet the dog beneath.  It was enough to slow people down, entice them to say ‘hi’,  offer a pat and even ask if they could pose for some pictures with His Cuteness.  Simply brilliant. Watch it for yourself, if you don’t believe me!

So ….what if…every Pit Bill (or pit bull type) dog owner in Montreal dressed their dogs in a cute, kids animal hat with some floppy ears (or some other sweet guise…nothing Gangsta) and took to the streets on a Pit Bull Charm Offensive?

If you need some visual inspiration check this out:  10 Most Charismatic Pit Bulls on Instagram


Seriously now…would our streets become less safe or would people finally discover the kind hearts within these dogs? Would folks learn that we can’t judge a dog by his/her breed anymore than we can judge a book by it’s cover? Let’s hope. If we can change, they can change.

What do you think fellow terrier owners?

And, please, Mayor, do the right thing.

A great idea for valuable community service for our terriers. Bossy and Bark Border would LOVE this service dog gig. How about your terrier?

Jeg News

The end of semester can be a tough time, with students feeling the crunch of big assignments and cramming for exams. Add to it the lack of sleep, eating badly and more than a few drinks, and it’s pretty easy to get stressed out.

And we know, there are plenty of ways to fight stress — but Dalhousie University is trying out a new way: Puppies.

The Halifax university is creating a puppy room for on December 4th, 5th and 6th to help students cope with the stress of exams and end-of-term assignments.

Not surprisingly, news of the puppies has been met with excitement. A Facebook post published to the Dalhousie Student Union’s page on Wednesday has already been shared more than 300 times in two hours.

“My major paper is due at 4 PM on the 4th… I will beeline it to the Puppy Room,” wrote Dal student Jimmy Tennant.

HuffPost Canada spoke…

View original post 213 more words

Farmer Ingenuity. Terrier Tenacity.

Farmer denied permit to build horse shelter. So he builds giant table & chairs which don’t need permit. I love this. – Washington Dc | Frrole.

GREAT picture.  Worth the click.  Credits:  Frrole, Original Tweeter: By Shervin. Retweeted by Tabatha Southey. Retweeted @ScottLuft.

A Christmas Wish for Terriers

Here’s a holiday gift idea for terrier lovers everywhere.  Read: Yes, Iara, there is a Santa Claus – The Sun Chronicle : Local News about a Silky Terrier who benefited from a giving spirit.

If you can ‘t adopt a terrier in need, consider the good a gift to your local shelter or breed rescue group could do–this holiday season and throughout the year.

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