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Terrier Logic

The Physics of Terriers

Controlling a rowdy terrier can be a little tricky.  An article I read today, Physicists Accidently Discover a Self-Destruct Button for the Entire Universe | on Big Think, made me think of containing Bossy’s (unwanted) energy.

The author, Philip Perry, wrote:

“Everything in the universe contains a certain amount of energy. Even so, everything also adheres to the principle of stability. All substances want to become stable. To do that, one must contain as little energy as it can. When something has a high energy level, it is unstable, and moves to rid itself of excess energy, in order to achieve stability.”
Terriers also want to achieve stability.  That was one of the most important universal principles I learned with a wound-up Bossy.  Don’t ADD more energy to any behaviour you don’t want from your dog.  If you want a calmer dog you’ve gotta be a calmer human.

Apparently dogs, horses and humans all live in the same universe.

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