The purpose of a terrier

People will tell you who they think you are. A good dog will prove it.

And a terrier will test it.

Bark on the Rocks

2 thoughts on “The purpose of a terrier

  1. I’ve had this bookmarked for a while now and “dug” it up today. I think my Jack Russell would add:
    • If it smells good, get it.
    • If it smells bad, roll in it.
    • If it smells like a bath, hide.
    • Anything that hits the floor is mine.
    • Anything near the edge of the counter is mine.
    (They won’t miss the pepperoni).
    • Seize any opportunity.
    (If you can get away with it, do it!)
    • If guilty, look cute, works every time.
    • Toys aren’t meant to last more than ten minutes.
    • Ignoring a problem just ain’t my style.
    • Mud is the new black.
    • Who cares if it is bigger than me.
    • When it comes to food, Beggars can’t be losers.
    • My stomach says it’s dinner time somewhere.
    • Oh, LOOK . . . a HOLE! I wonder what’s in it!
    • Your bed is SO much better than mine
    • My first Jack’s favorite: Doorbell ringing = PIZZA!

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