Service dogs are often trained to alert others if their person gets into trouble. Sometimes they run circles around a wheelchair and other times they bark until help comes.  A good job for a vocal breed group.

Terriers are good working dogs. For many, ‘service work’ is great casting for their skills, sensitivities and loyal natures.

Read more about Bingo, the Jack Russell Terrier, who has lived his life according to Terrier Logic:

3. Love your human companion with all your heart.

9.  Remember persistence pays off.

11. Tune into every thought and feeling your human companion has.

13. Bark until your (good) work is acknowledged.

About Bingo, reblogged from: BUCKET LIST FOR DYING SERVICE DOG « Booksforever1blog. BarkUpToday!.

2 thoughts on “SERVICE TERRIERS

    • Quite right. The earthdog terriers are pretty good working in the dark …BUT…they could be a wee bit distracted in the role of leading someone with a visual impairment. One squeek from away and most terriers would be dragging someone off. Though with training and a strong relationship, I wonder if some could handle the job. A pitbull perhaps? I’ll tell the story at some point about my Bossy Border who will grab the leash rather than have me step near traffic. She knows better. It is willfull disobedience aimed at keeping me safe. May have even saved me one day when I was zoned out thinking about work. She wouldn’t be totally reliable leading a blind or visually impaired person, but I can see her protective instincts at work. Amazing.

      My Bossy and Bark are both keenly sensitive to changes in breath and the health status of their two owners. A sneeze, cough or gasp brings them running. And if someone needs a companion dog, Borders are fantastic when calm. I would definitely underscore the “when calm”. Might be a bit much for a fragile senior when the dog is still young and frisky.

      Service dogs meet so many needs these days. It is amazing to see our trust in these amazing animals.

      I LOVE YOUR pictures. Thanks for commenting!

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